Primary Health Centers

Making 110 PHCs functional

the goal of the PHC RRI is to ensure that 110 PHC Centres (one in each of the 109 Senatorial Districts, plus the Fuka PHC in Niger State where the index Lassa fever case was identified this year) are made functional, i.e able to provide a minimum of 10% increase in antenatal care services, as well as possessing skilled attendance at delivery and immunization. Quality PHC services that will lead to increase antenatal care coverage; Skilled birth attendance as well as Increase in immunization coverage for 3 childhood killer diseases. *Functionality is defined by the Minimum Standards for PHC in Nigeria  To get to this goal of improved service delivery, the PHC RRI will have the following deliverables over the next 100 days:

  1. One PHC Centre identified in each of the 109 Senatorial Districts and mapped for human resources, infrastructure, service delivery in line with HMIS, commodities, and equipment
  2. Communication and advocacy tool kit for one PHC per ward developed and in use for different audiences
  3. 36 Governors and FCT Minister, HCHs and ES SPHCDBs, HCLGCAs, HC Planning and Budget, ALGON, NASS members reached with advocacy on one PHC centre per ward for buy-in
  4. 37 State level inter-sectoral committees on one PHC per ward approach established and operational
  5. 110 ward development committees (WDCs) set up and functional for governance, community mobilization
  6. The upgrading of infrastructure for the first 110 facilities in line with the Minimum Standards for PHC in Nigeria
  7. Functional supply and logistics system for essential PHC drugs and commodities set up in the 110 facilities
  8. 660 nurses/midwives/CHEWs updated on PHC service delivery including IMCI and modified LSS modules
  9. 1110 VHWs identified, trained and deployed to provide community based health promotive PHC services